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"In 1998, Rotterdam rapper Duvel released the album 'Rijmpappie#1' together with Super Pollum and Rein de Vos. With songs like 'De Neus van de Zalm,' 'Meer Bommen,' and 'Wat Wil Je Beginnen,' the album became an instant underground classic.

Before this release, Duvel created demo versions of all the tracks. These demos were never shared with the public until now.

The demo can be considered the starting point of one of Rotterdam's most prominent rappers of all time, making it a hidden gem for fans of hip-hop from the port city.

In collaboration with the audio brand Fresh 'n Rebel and sneaker shop WOEI, we have released these demo tracks to the public for the first time, after more than 25 years, on a limited-edition cassette tape."

Kant A
1. Buikpijn 2. Duvel Op 3. De Neus van de Zalm 4. DuvelDuvel (Geen Shit te maken) 5. Wat Wil Je Beginnen 

Kant B
6. Trekdrop 7. Pak Slaag 8. Niemand Doet Duvel Iets 9. Het is Aan 10. Haal je Gram 11. Meer bommen