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We are Ruyzdael.We believe culture has the ability to connect people across the globe.

Ruyzdael is culture, a culture which was forged in the streets. With our entrepreneurial spirit, and with Amsterdam as our home base, we maintain our social relevance in artistic ways. From day one we’ve differentiated ourselves by being implicitly explicit. We express culture through music, art & design. 

Our approach is steeped in our distinctiveness as we aim to inspire others to be their unique selves. We act with modesty but shatter down walls, disciplines, and prejudices, and we are socially critical when needed. By doing so we keep on defining urban street culture for what it is today and will be tomorrow.

During our existence we have always worked together with likeminded, individuals, parties and brands with the same vision and urge to create. Such as Jägermeister, Sonos, Patta, Motel Mozaique, BIRD, ADE Beats, TENT and CLONE to name a few

This resulted in unforgettable events and launches, amazing music and heartfelt memories.